Eustasis Psychiatric and Addiction Health has recently seen the devastation Covid-19 has brought to families, especially those with mental health issues. Children and Adolescents are struggling with social isolation and many do not have the coping skills, support, or resources to enjoy this holiday season. We are calling on the Springfield community to take part in giving these kids special items that will bring comfort and resources to assist with staying “home for the holidays!” Many families are facing job loss, separation from loved ones, lack of routine and tradition, and experiencing Christmas in a way they cannot understand.

Therefore, We are asking that from December 1-15th generous supporters of this cause bring an item by our clinic designed to keep a child busy at home or to provide comfort to them during this holiday season. These items should be based upon the needs of children and teens with emotional irregularly, anxiety, poor focus, trauma background, learning disabilities, and other psychiatric disorders. Things like art supplies, LEGO’s, jewelry kits, board games, sensory items, books, puzzles, weighted blankets, play-doh will all help kids to use their imagination during this season! (For safety purposes please do not bring food or perishable items). We would also ask that the gifts come with a mask that is fun for kids to wear and helps them understand social distancing.

If the gift givers can leave a small note letting the child know why the gift was chosen and how you believe it might bring them joy that would be very special.

For families in need or those with a child with a mental health issue you would like to see blessed during this holiday season: please reach out via email to help@eustasisfoundation.org and let us know the name and age of the child/children, their emotional struggle, and their interests, and the best way we can reach you.

Between Dec 16-23 we will start having families come to our main headquarters at 3600 S National Ave Springfield MO 65807 for gift delivery with social distancing brought to your vehicle. If you do not have transportation please let us know so we can set up a time for you to come safely.

We are so excited to be offering this to the community and are actively looking for volunteers who can help with the drive!  Please call 417-322-6622 ext 300 and email us at help@eustasisfoundation.org. 



For families in need or those with a child with a mental health issue you would like to see blessed during this holiday season, please complete the form or contact us directly at 417-322-6622 ext 300 or help@eustasisfoundation.org.




Please buy items that are for children and adolescents to use during the pandemic that enhance their stay home experience and provide safe and constructive things for them to do.

Items for younger children may include coloring supplies, sticker books, board games like Candy Land, books, finger paints, Play Doh, Legos, paper dolls, sensory items, jacks, side walk chalk, instruments, baby dolls, etc.

Middle aged children may enjoy the same things but also games like Monopoly, card games, jewelry kits, bey blades, art supplies, Karaoke devices, walkie-talkies, etc.

Older children may like things like tie dye kits, advanced coloring books, sketch pads, basketball, football, Sudoku, puzzles, board games, glow in the dark “capture the flag,” chess, etc.

Be creative!  Gift items should be in the $20-35 dollar range if possible.

We ask that video games not be sent as these can have a negative impact on some children and many do not have gaming devices.  Perishable items and food items should be avoided due to allergies and health concerns. 

If you have any questions please contact us!


Fill in the online form and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

Or, call us at 417-322-6622, ext. 300.

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