The Eustasis Foundation was created from passion and dedication of mental health field shared by Dr. Alok Jain and CEO Breanna Jain. When opening Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health in 2018, they saw a major need for mental health services in the community and started their “walk-in and be seen immediately model,” that reaches patients across the lifespan.

As an award-winning board-certified psychiatrist Dr Alok Jain has treated thousands of patients over the last 30 years and has a lifelong commitment to helping the underserved. Breanna Jain is board-certified in both psychiatry and addiction as a nurse practitioner and has made leadership and development of the innovative immediate care model her life’s work. The practice takes all insurances, treats all conditions, and is reaching thousands on a daily basis. However, the Jains believe that there is still an unmet need to help patients with additional challenges: such as those without insurance, and patients with poor access to services. Additionally, they felt driven to educate and increase awareness of mental health issues, provide recognition of services available to patients, and to decrease the overall stigma of mental health.  The couple donated their own time and funds to launch the Eustasis Foundation as a rapid response to COVID-19, the most challenging time the mental health community has ever faced to date.  The Eustasis Foundation has started their campaign of educating others about the need for prompt resources and treatment interventions for mental health issues and are working to expand additional services to the community, health care professionals, and to serve as a paradigm for what mental health access should be.

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