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Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health

Springfield’s immediate access, lifespan practice for psychiatry and addiction services. Please reach out below to access these services. Eustasis is a passionate supporter of the foundation and collaborates with the organization to meet underserved areas.

3600 S National Ave
Springfield, MO 65807

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and Administration, providing educational scientifically based studies, resources and statistics for behavioral health, substance abuse, and recovery. Samhsa offers training programs and tools for reducing the impact of mental health conditions, substance use disorders, suicide prevention, and trauma informed care. Click here. 

The Hotline

Advocacy and education through information about domestic violence, resources and crisis intervention tools. Provides immediate support services which are completely anonymous and confidential. Click here. 

Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of Springfield

Offering mental health treatment in acute hospitalization settings, inpatient, residential, and outpatient counseling and therapy services. Supported by evidenced based care. Click here.

Lakeland Behavioral Health

Behavioral health system for acute hospitalization, inpatient, residential, and outpatient therapy services. Treatment is available for children, adolescents and geriatric patients. Facility provides 24/7 care with walk-in access. Click here.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Resources for child and adolescent psychiatry. Services include training, advocacy, prevention, diagnosis, and peer support collaboration. Click here. 

Living Free

Faith based nonprofit Christian organization. Services supporting everyday life challenges. Offering group counseling and collaboration with many other ministries worldwide. Click here.

American Psychological Association

Promotes psychological sciences through educational advancement, communication, and applied research. Offers practice application for Psychologists. Click here.

Promoting wellness for children at risk for abuse and neglect. Working to assist children in critical need by providing emotional, financial, and spiritual support to families and individuals seeking to foster or adopt a child. Click here.

Cox North Emergency

Cox South Emergency


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